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(no subject)

Mar. 13th, 2007 | 05:23 pm

I met Gossip last Monday.

Damn near everything I own of thier shiz is signed.
Happy? Deffo!

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My weekend.

Feb. 18th, 2007 | 06:15 pm

I've been to Oxford and London this weekend.

I like London a lot. £20 to go on buses, trains and tubes..not bad! God bless my railcard!
I may go to London more often ;)

Oxford is just beautiful.

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Brand New gig review.

Feb. 15th, 2007 | 10:10 am

Brand New- Sunday 11th February- Birmingham Carling Academy.

I shall mention the support act (mewithoutyou) but I really have nothing to say about them apart from –they were utter shite. No stage presence whatsoever, but they do have an accordion! I just hope the singer learns how to play the damn thing!

Okay folks, main event. Jesse steps onto the stage. Just him and a guitar, he serenades the crowd with “Jude Law and the Semester Abroad.” Bloody beautiful. They play four more tracks from the debut (classic) album, ‘Your Favourite Weapon.’
Straight after the last song they play from that album, they launch into the intro from the second (classic) album- ‘Deja Entendu’ and play all but one song from the album. The crowd sing a long, and some are in tears. It is easy to see why. The whole demeanour of Brand New on stage tonight is hard to put into words, but it is damn close to perfect. The end of “Sic Transit Gloria….Glory Fades” is a prime example of perfection- the whole crowd yell: “DIE YOUNG AND SAVE YOURSELVES!” I have never seen a crowd react to a band like this, and I probably never will. At this point I am covered in goose bumps and on the verge of tears. The atmosphere in here is so pure and beautiful.
“Guernica” is one of my favourite songs by them, and as Jesse sings this sing he is pointing and singing to the sky. You can’t help but feel every single word he is singing. It is too beautiful for words.

After a brief interval, Brand New play some songs from their latest (classic) release, ‘The Devil and God Are Raging inside Me.’
They play 5 tracks, and each of them leaves us all in awe. Personally, “Degausser” did it for me. You’d think it’d be difficult to carry a song like that live- but they do it effortlessly but with sheer passion. This gig is worth more than £13.50!
I managed to get another gig injury; I couldn’t help but to keep banging my hand on the barrier. It’s the hand I write with. It’s bruised and it hurts like a bitch.
Like I am ever going to learn my lesson!

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The Long Blondes.

Feb. 7th, 2007 | 01:07 pm

On Monday, me and Hol made our way to Manchester from her's. Whilst on the train, I noticed a young man that looked mighty familiar.
I turned to Hol, and informed her that the drummer from The Long Blondes was infront of us. She didn't believe me.
We still carried on singing the whole album on the train. I like doing that.

We then got to Manchester where Hol pretty much dragged me to Virgin Megastore, I was convinced we wouldn't make it but we did.
Waited in line for a bit. Foubd out only 3 band members were there as two were ill. One of them was Kate- so there was no performance. Gutted.
But, it got better.

So, it's my turn. I go up to the table. And this guy says to me "Were you on the train today? Sat behind me?" I said yes, so he wrote on my album cover " To Olivia, hope you enjoyed the train!" and he (Screech), Dorian and Emma signed my album. I told them to not split up in the next 3 years because I'm writing about them at uni for the next 3 years! They agreed!

'twas a good day. I love The Long Blondes.

Also, I've been given a contact to interview Gossip- but the guy hasn't got back to me..so I highly doubt it won't happen.

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(no subject)

Jan. 30th, 2007 | 05:37 pm

So, Friday night me and Hol went to the lovely city of Birmingham to see a beautiful band called Nightmare Of You. They weren't fantastic, but I got to meet Brandon. I got a hug and two handshakes. I spent £30 on merchandise, he seemed rather happy. I was more than happy to spend that much as he was selling the merch- not some random fool. Bless NOY!

I've just found out today that The Long Blondes are doing an instore signing/performance next Monday in Manchester. I am rather glad I don't have lectures on a Monday.

I got called a "hermit" today. I used to get called that back home. It is rather true, but I'm not arsed about it. During the day, I'll go out and be around people. But in the evening, I just want to be by myself.

My money seems to be going on books, and not cds. However, the books are music related, so it's all good.
I read a 400 page book in 3 days. Chuffed.
I like reading.

My mum is being an arse to me. She made me cry most of the weekend. I also hurt myself a bit, fuck knows why actually. Don't make me explain my thoughts, you know I can't.

I spent Saturday til this morning looking after Hol because she's ill. I'm quite good at looking after people...I love and care about. I couldn't do it to someone I didn't give a fuck about.

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(no subject)

Jan. 25th, 2007 | 01:08 am

I spilt Dr Pepper on my phone, so I got a new one. It's alright. I'm a sell-out...I have a phone with a camera.

NME are looking for writers. If I had some motivation in me, I'd do something. But right now, I have too much stuff on my mind to focus.

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(no subject)

Jan. 10th, 2007 | 01:41 pm

My right arm looks like a junkies arm. I've had two blood tests..Monday and today. They can never find a vein to take blood out of. Oh well.
Apparently there's something up with my liver. They've probably made a mistake. I'm fine. I know I am.

I'm starting to get pissed off at a few people.

Firstly- Don't ask me what you should or shouldn't do. I'm not responsible for your actions or anything like that. Do what you want. Keep me out. I have my own stuff to deal with, yeah? Good.

Secondly- If I say I'm a cunt, you don't question it. I am what I say I am. Does it upset you? I don't care. Go find someone else to be friends with. "Cunt is just a word. I'm calling me one, not YOU. Get a grip.

Thirdly- I'm pissed off that Ashanti and T.I. are on a new Tupac song. Two talentless fucks..well, actually..I don't mind T.I....but yeah, I know my point. No one cares about it. I'll keep it to myself.

Like the rest of it.

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(no subject)

Dec. 31st, 2006 | 01:47 pm

I swear the majority of people that live on this fucking Island are complete and utter twats. I used to know some of them, but I then learnt they were users and the like, so I moved on. And I have done it very very well.
This year I have :
-read fucking good books.
-bought fucking good music
-written some fucking good songs
-seen some fucking amazing bands.
-ended up in hopsital after a gig because I was having a fucking good time.
-had Beth from Gossip fucking smile and sing at me.
-my niece was born (I won't swear for that one)
-gone to fucking uni and doing a course that is fucking wicked.
-made some fucking good friends there that I fucking miss and can't wait to see in 12 days.
-met some fucking good people, and have probably pissed them off a lot (that'll be Ash and Hol then)

So yeah, this year was fucking brilliant. I have no compliants. I'd say I have my health back, but if it fucks up-it'a my own fault. However, I don't have anything to moan and bitch about. I am a very lucky bastard. I'm not expecting next year to be better or worse. I expect and ask for nothing. There's no point in sitting on your arse thiniing the world owes you, that something good should happen to you etc. Get off your arse and do something instead of complaining.
Fuck off wanting to die and fuck off hurting myself. I've had someone fucking cry right infront of me because they hated how bad I felt. That was an arse kicking I needed. I have nothing to feel bad about. I don't live on that fucking Island anymore. All the shit that happened there-STAYS there. I'm not taking it with me.
I thought I'd end up doing something retarded whilst being back at home. But the thing is, I've hardly seen my "friends"..yeah, I know who my real mates are. They don't reside on the Isle of Man.
I'm growing up, and I fucking love it. I love making decisions for myself. Regardless of how big or small they are. Hell..I've even handed my work in early at uni, which means I have fuck all to do. I know the old me would have just left it until last minute. But, when you have the chance to do something you love- you don't leave it alone. You hold onto it, and work your arse off.
I have a gig to go to every month until April. I'll review some of them, cry at some of them and sing. And probably end up in hospital after I see Gossip, and Hol can sit with me for 4 hours again. Ha! Jokes.

I've accepted that my dad was a prick and didn't want me. Thus, have stopped missing him because he's not worth it.

I've learnt my brother is a dick, and is rather selfish.

I've learnt who my real friends are.

I've been nice, miserable, a twat, a fucking good friend, a loser, a loner..but most of all..I've been very very very very fucking happy this year.
So, I may now sound like an arrogant twat..just because I am happy? Ahh well, we always get what we deserve in time.
No, you don't deserve to be hit, spat at, pushed, beaten, raped, scared, alone, unloved, punished, hurt yourself, want to die...and such things. You deserve to know your worth. My English teacher once said it's important to know your worth.

I'm not a worthless bastard. One person in particular has showed me that, with help of others.

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(no subject)

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 08:58 pm

I've had f*cking food poisoning since Sunday evening. I haven't eaten since then, which isn't really hurting me.
So, if I feel like this tomorrow-I'm not going to work.
He has no staff. That'll be fun.

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(no subject)

Dec. 22nd, 2006 | 12:37 pm

Ten best songs of the year :

10. Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars.
9. Lily Allen- Smile.
8. Taking Back Sunday- MakeDamnSure.
7. Bloc Party- The Prayer. (it only got radio play the other month, but it's fucking awesome)
6. Lupe Fiasco- Kick/Push.
5. Klaxons- Atlantis to Interzone.
4. The Horrors- Sheena is a Parasite.
3. The Long Blondes- Weekend Without Make-Up.
2. Gossip- Listen Up!
1. Gossip- Standing In The Way Of Control.

5 Albums of the year :

5. Morrissey- Ringleader of the Tormentors.
4.The Horrors EP
3.Taking Back Sunday- Louder Now (I was going to say Brand New, but I didn't)
2. The Long Blondes- Someone to drive you home.
1. Gossip- Standing In The Way Of Control.

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