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Mar. 28th, 2007 | 06:21 pm

I'm off home tomorrow for...just over a week. Can't wait actually.

I went into town with Shaun and got my nephew a few presents from the Disney Store, and I've got something for my niece that I got in London a few weeks ago.
She's too fat/young for an Easter Egg! :p

Me and Shaun were in kitchen last night til half 2 this morning making pancakes! I made 2..they looked a bit anemic lol. I hate pancakes.

I need to stop being a cunt to a certain person, but maybe I'm like that with everyone. I don't push people away anymire. I just don't actually speak if something is bothering me because usually I can deal with it straight away. I write a song, and I'm good.
Apparently I'm talented..but I don't see it. It's just something I do.
Every song I've written doesn't tell a story and not all of them are about me. Some are about me, some are about people I know or things I've seen that day.
I just don't like it if someone goes "that's about...." It usually isn't so..in your faaaace.

I am so tired.

I still haven't got anywhere to do my work placement. One got back to me, they say they're based in Rome!
I just want to work for a music magazine in Birmingham. That's all. But they're not replying to me. I don't want to go into radio, I hate my voice. I don't EVER want to go into television because I hate how it works and I hate how I look. I just want my own music magazine, even if it's something small ya know. I just want it. I want my own book shop. It'll specialise in alternative/cult fiction and have sooo many music magazines, including mine. Maybe start up a fanzine. I know I can do it, and I know I will. I just need to..stop messing around. Not leave tihngs half done. I don't knwo why I do it. But, with music/writing...I never leave it alone. I love it more than I probably should, but it's not hurting anyone.

I just need to find somewhere decent to have my book shop. I have a few places in mind. I just hope it isn't like Black Books!

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